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Overwear Goggles
Light weight tough polycarbonate lens
Fits over personal spectacles
Impact & chemical splash resistant
LIght weight with indirect ventilation

Overwear Goggles

Disposable Face Mask
Provides protection from dust, toxic and non-toxic, in compliance with Class FF-1 of EN 149
Equivalent to IS 9473 
Filtering capacity well above 98% 
Light weight adjustable to facial contours 
Adjustable nose clip 
Low breathing resistance 
DGMS approved

Disposable Face Mask

Helmet with Earmuff
Light weight & sturdy 
slotted sides accommodate earmuffs
Noise reduction rating 27 dB
Ideal for drill, dozer & dumper operators

Helmet with Earmuff

Fiest Aid Station
Rugged design for use during accident/emergencies
Made of high strength aluminium sheet with lock
equipped with all necessary amenities and two folding stretchers
Also, available in wheel mounted pus cart model
Customised designs also available

First Aid Station

Dustnil Dust Respirator
A Comfortable, economical and effective protection in dusty environments 
washable and reusable filter
Facemask is made of soft and light PVC compound. Designed to fit all facial contours
Mouthpiece contains ring mounted stainless steel filter 
Maintains easy ventilation for continuous use at the shop floor level DGMS approved

Dustnil Dust Respirator

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