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SNAPLIGHT Emergency Evacuation System
Provides dependable, instantaneous, intrinsically safe light without electricity or batteries
Generates no heat or sparks and will not cause an explosion even in the presence of gas or volatile fumes 
Activates instantaneously at the pull of a lever

Snaplight Emergency Evacuation System

Vibration Monitoring System

Low Cost and Versatile
Highly Reliable 
Microphone with Full-Height Stand
Fast Recycle Time
Internal Time and Date
Low Power Consumption
Trigger Mode Operation
High Accuracy and Low Noise} Internal Geophones (Optional: External Geophones available)
Standard PC Compatible 9 Pin Serial Port
Easy to Use Four Key Switch Pad
Great for Long Time Monitoring
Programmable Start Time
100 Full Waveform Storage 
Able to Store and View Last 100 Summary Events
4 Line by 20 Character LCD
Ideal for advance detection of cracks in the strata 


Life Oxygen Pack
Provides supplemental oxygen with inhalator for breathing victim and through a resuscitator for non-breathing victim 
Simple & Easy to us, with external two-step instructions& clear cover, 
Portable with convenient handle and wall mounting option 
Simple "on-off" control lever
Constant reading supply gauge for 90 minute supply
Resuscitation LIFE mask with one way valve fits  both adult & child 
Refillable at low cost even in remote location 
Ideal for usage in all kinds of industries, mines ambulance and public places
Truly a life saver during fire, stampedes, electric shock and heart attack CCE approved

Life Oxygen Pack

The next life we save may be yours

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