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WEBER offers a complete range of cavity-filling foams, consolidation resins, and foams for sealing against air and gas. 
The WEBER team is committed to assisting you technically with the products and during their appliciton

Cavity FillingStrata Consoldation
Gas SealingVentilation

Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus 67MM
Isolated closed circuit personal safety breathing apparatus 
For long term work/rescue in unbreathable atmosphere in mines, chemical industries, nuclear power stations etc.
Can be used up to 4 hours duration 
Recharging possible without compressor
Automatic warning whistle with by pass providing additional oxygen flow in emergency
Breathing bag ensure high level of comfort for user
Various other models of open circuit & escape breathing apparatus air line also available 

Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus

Closed circuit personal safety breathing apparatus with self generating source of oxygen
Light weight, compact size and maintenace free
Sealed synthetic resin case-non inflammable, self-extinguishing corrosion resistant 
Instant protection-less than 10 seconds to start
Complete protection for the respiratory tract even in oxygen deficient environment
A complete respiratory circuit-breathe in, breathe out the process starts
Most popular self rescuer worldwide in coal industry


Other BLMS safety Products
Poll free soft nasal filters 
Disposable industrial face masks
Ear Muff
Ear Plug
Leather, PVC, Asbestos & Rubber Hand Gloves 
All varieties of Goggles & Face shield 
Safety belt 
Protective clothing available

Hand GlovesEar Muff
Face MaskEar PlugGoggles

The next life we save may be yours

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