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Gravimetric Dust Sampler
Long sampling period simulates work shift
Intrinsically safe
Fully portable with rechargeable battery
Accurate and reliable 
DGMS approved

Gravimetric Dust Sampler

Digital Dust Sampler
Hand held
Instantaneous digital read out of dust concentration (No Weighing balance required)
Highly sensitive in respirable dust range + 10mg/m3
Choice of ranges for measurement, gives greater flexibility
Detachable sampling probe suitable for remote or inaccessible sampling
Rechargeable batteries & battery check indicator 

Digital Dust Sampler

Other range of CASELLA products
Automatic weather monitoring systems
ambient particulate monitor
High volume sampers
Meterological instrumentations


Personal Dust Sampler CIP-10
Small, compact, light & low noise personal sampler
Chest mounted, functions in all workers position & Unperturbed by his movement
Possible reutilisation of the filtering elements
ON/OFF switching by magnetic effect (no external switch)
DGMS approved

Personal Dust Sampler

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